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Why should you settle for anything less than what you really want or deserve? Have you ever asked yourself that question before, because I know I have. I’ve always been the one to just settle for whatever because I wanted to make everyone else around me comfortable and happy. But honestly this lead me to being unhappy, which is not

Johnathon “Evereade” Stevens: TELLS HIS STORY!

“At the age of three my mother abandoned me and my 7 year old sister in a crack house.” 32 year old Johnathon Stevens tells us his story and how abandonment effected him not only as a child but as an adult as well. “The youngest of three children born to my drug addicted mother. My older brother died a year


How interesting and random is this subject?  I was just sitting here thinking about how much I love the color pink and how it affects my mood. I thought it would be cool to find out more about the psychological affects of a few different colors; hmmm lets say pink, yellow, grey, and red. I’m going to look up a

Teen Couple Commits Suicide: Markeice Brown and Mercedes Smith

A sad story about a teen couple that committed suicide just days apart. 18 year old Mercedes Smith took her own life in her college dorm room in Columbia, Kentucky on Thursday, April 20th and her boyfriend, Markeice Brown ended his life on Saturday, April 22nd, according to sources online that we found. Smith’s friends believed that Brown played a part to


Picture via Bruce Lesley   We see here that child homelessness has increased instead of decreasing throughout the years : In 2006, 1 out 50 children were homeless annually (1.5 million) In 2010 1 out of 45children were homeless annually (1.6 million) In 2013 1 out 30 children were homeless annually (2.5 million) We can prevent this, all we need is