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Create Your Happiness: Don’t Limit Yourself

For most people, including myself being happy sometimes can be really hard especially when you’ve experienced things in your life that effects you tremendously, but I’m here to let you know that the pain that you’re experiencing is only temporary and that you can ALWAYS start over and create your happiness . I know you’re thinking “how can I do

How Trauma Changes The Brain

After any type of trauma (from car accidents, natural disaster to domestic violence, sexual assault, to child abuse) the body and brain change. Each cell records memories and every embedded trauma-related neuropathway has the opportunity to repeatedly reactivate. One of the most difficult aspects for survivors of trauma is understanding the changes that occur. In order for them to really

Improve Your Mood

Not in the best mood right now or were you recently in a bad mood but couldn’t really shake it off? Lucky for you, you’re not the first to experience a feeling like this. It is totally normal and most times our mood is just based off of the way we think. Yes, your thoughts can influence your mood! So

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