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How can I get involved?

There are multiple ways to get involved.

  • Post a picture using the hashtag #SupportTheQuiet
  • Repost, like, and comment on pictures using this hashtag.
  • Talk about it on your social media platforms.
  • Purchase a bracelet or anything else from this site (funds will be given to charities and organizations with a focus of helping people who have experienced child abandonment).
  • Donate.

What is child abandonment?

Child abandonment occurs when a child’s parent or guardian willfully withholds emotional, physical, and financial support, with no regard for the child’s safety and welfare. This may include physical abandonment, such as leaving a child somewhere with no intent to return, or it may include failure to provide physical supervision, emotional support, and other necessities of life for a child living in the home.

What do the bracelets symbolize?

Each bracelet is worn to symbolize strength, unity, and conversation where words can’t express feelings.


Red – Victims

This color represents strength and power. Every victim has taken on a pain that many would never be able to tolerate. The ability to continue moving forward is pure strength.

Blue – Supporters

This color represents stability. When wearing this band, you are displaying a caring heart.

Yellow – The parents of victims

This color represents knowledge and increases optimistic opportunities. When taking on this color band you are understanding your mistakes and are open to trying to make an impact in a positive light.

How does the “Support The Quiet” movement bring awareness to child abandonment?

Through the use of social media, we have the power to share and bring awareness through a simple repost or retweet. Although funds are needed to provide health services to youth and adults that struggle from depression and/or breaking away from coping mechanisms, it is absolutely free to spread the message that these kids deserve for their voices to be heard.

Funds from each purchase will be given to a charity or organization dedicated to helping protect and care for people who have experienced child abandonment.

When was this movement founded?

This movement was founded in April of 2017 when the creator decided it was time for their story to be heard.

How do I get you to donate to my foster home?

If you have any suggestions on who we should partner with or donate to, please fill out our contact form.

Will we be notified when the goal is reached?

Yes. When you donate or purchase anything from this site, we ask for your email address so that we may send you updates throughout this journey of raising awareness.

Shipping Times

We ask that you allow 2-4 weeks for your products to reach your location. We thank you all for your amazing support as we continue to help victims of child abandonment.