Improve Your Mood

Not in the best mood right now or were you recently in a bad mood but couldn’t really shake it off? Lucky for you, you’re not the first to experience a feeling like this. It is totally normal and most times our mood is just based off of the way we think.

Yes, your thoughts can influence your mood!

So what do you need to do the next time you’re in a bad mood? – Think positive!

Below are a few things that can have an affect on your mood:

Posture – Believe it or not, posture controls your energy levels as well as the ability to process both negative and positive thoughts. When you are slouched, emotions tend to be “down” – feelings of loneliness and sleepiness. When you are up straight or slightly leaned backwards at a 130• angle, emotions tend to be jolly.

Environment – Your environment can facilitate or discourage interactions amongst the people around you. It has a big influence on behavior. Rooms with bright light tend to improve health conditions such as depression, agitation, and sleep.

Self Talks – What are you telling yourself? – If you feed your brain positive thoughts, you will remain positive. Try having a more optimistic view on life.

Music – Music stimulates emotions. Have a specific mood that you’re trying to place yourself in. Try listening to music that correspond with that mood.



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