Johnathon “Evereade” Stevens: TELLS HIS STORY!

“At the age of three my mother abandoned me and my 7 year old sister in a crack house.”

32 year old Johnathon Stevens tells us his story and how abandonment effected him not only as a child but as an adult as well.

Baby Evereade

“The youngest of three children born to my drug addicted
mother. My older brother died a year earlier as a result of being a drug
baby, but thankfully I didn’t suffer any major harm from my mother’s
drug use during pregnancy. At the age of three my mother abandoned me
and my 7 year old sister in a crack house. I ended up going to live with
my father after this and was torn from my older sister. I didn’t get to
see my sister again until I turned 18 and it caused terrible emotional
pain all during my childhood. From the ages 4 – 29 I saw my mother
twice. I missed what I needed from her but because I didn’t really know
her I can’t say I missed her as a person. More so the idea of having a
mother. ”

“I was physically abused from the ages 5 – 8 and mentally abused much longer. They separated when I turned 15 and I bounced back and forth from living with my dad and different relatives. I left my father’s house for good at 17.
All thru school I was usually on the honor or merit role. I moved to Florida at the age of 20 desperate to escape the dark place Ohio was for me. I had a trash bag of clothes and a couple hundred dollars.”

“I crashed at a friends house for a month and after that supported myself
independently from the minimum wage I made at Wendy’s. I was a young
single man with no kids so I didn’t qualify for any type of housing or
food assistance. I worked my way to manager bought a car. Things were relatively ok, but I still carried the burden of believing what I went through defined who I am and not the people who’ve mistreated abused and neglected me.”

“I couldn’t shake the dark cloud over me so a Dr prescribed me antidepressants. Three weeks later I attempted suicide and was in the hospital. From the ages of 23-30 I struggled to
come out of my dark place and finally have. It took a lot of research, a
strong support team and prayer to be back functional. My music has been
my main outlet for my pain and suffering, without it I would have died on the inside a long time ago.”

His story is very eye-opening on how real and how emotionally damaging child abandonment can be towards not only kids but growing up as well, especially when the issue doesn’t get fixed. SupportTheQuiet loved sharing his story with you because he was brave enough to share it with us. We hope to continue to get people as brave as Mr. Stevens to share their stories so we can continue to help others believe that their voices are heard.

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