LET GO: Ways to live a stress-free and positive life

Sometimes we find ourselves stressed out about life, or even feel like we’re giving up on it because there may be a person(s), or job, or even thing (social media) that’s making us unhappy. Are those people/things really worth the stress? Are those people/things really worth you living an unhappy life? Also, can you fix or change these problems? Ask yourself those questions and see what you get. Sometimes we have to self-assess ourselves and the events and people who are in our lives.

If you answered those questions and realized that the problems that you’re having are not really worth the stress and very much so fixable than great! Now it’s time to start letting go. This is the most difficult thing to do for most people including myself because of personal attachments or how comfortable we are. This is when you have to know that YOU’RE really ready to let everything go and start fresh. Nobody can determine when you’re ready to do this; this is a thing you do for yourself.

Letting go is not an easy process to go through, but if you want to be as stress-free, careless, and positive as possible then it’s an important step you have to take to start your new healthy life. Here are a few things you can do to start your process:

1. Make a list

Make a list of all the things making you UNHAPPY in your life and then from there you should slowly start eliminating those things off the list. For example my boyfriend at the time was not making me happy. We would always argue and I just couldn’t see things getting better. So I wrote his name on the list and I had to do what was healthy and best for ME and let him go. This was difficult for me because I was attached to him and comfortable being in the relationship, but I knew it was time to let go and do what was gong to make me happy in the long run. You should also create a list of all the things that make you HAPPY and start spending more time and energy on those things.

2. Be Honest

When I say be honest I mean be honest with yourself enough to know when enough is enough. You have to really let go of those things dragging you down and consistently making you feel like life is horrible. No matter who or what it is.

3. Speak Positive Things into Your Life

We don’t understand how powerful our words and thoughts can be. We say things like , “I’ll never be happy”, “I’ll be alone forever”, or “I’ll be broke forever”. If you continue to speak those things in your life then you will eventually start to believe those things and this is when you create that negative, unhappy life for yourself. Even if you’re not where you want to be in your life you should still speak as if you know great things are gong to happen, because they are. You should start saying things like “I will find someone”, “I will be happy”, or “I won’t be broke forever”. This will start to change your outlook on life.

4. Change your Attitude

If you can change your whole attitude towards rough situations, and towards people who mean no good then this step will tremendously change your life. Changing your attitude is not easy, especially if you’re used to reacting first and thinking later. I know for me, personally, I would automatically react to a rough situation if it wasn’t going my way but I had to realize that sometimes in life most things don’t go as plan or how you want but that’s when changing your attitude comes into play. You have to know that life is a process and if things are not going right for you or if people are leaving your life just know it’s apart of the process that’s preparing you for the great that is about to happen. Don’t let it discourage you, let it motivate you.

This small list that I have created for you are KEY things that has helped me and that are still helping me create this stressfree, positive lifestyle. This isn’t something that happens overnight as I always say, but consistency is very important and if you can be consistent and really be ready for a positive change then try these few things and see what you end up with. Doesn’t hurt to try!

“Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over.”-Guy Finley

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