Steve Stephen: A CRY OUT FOR HELP

Have you ever been in a room full of people yet you still feel alone? Or have you ever had the feeling that the closest people to you didn’t value your presence or cared about how you felt? I’ve felt this way before and that feeling of being unwanted or not cared about is such an empty feeling. Feelings like this can lead to thoughts that aren’t true such as “nobody would care if I was gone,” or even scarier thoughts like “maybe if I did something horrible to myself or others I’ll finally get attention.”

Being emotionally abandoned is very serious, not only physically but mentally as well. This can lead to unacceptable behaviors from victims of this type of abuse. These victims were crying out for help the best way they knew how yet they still didn’t receive the attention or proper love that they expected from one or both parents.

Steve Stephen, a victim of child abandonment showed us how far people will go because of the emotional disconnect between themselves and a parent. He made a chilling video that can be seen as a cry out for help by him describing his hurt and pain. Steve also described, in this video, how his mother did not  listen and did not care about how he felt. Yes this is an adult, but this is someone’s child and his feelings of loneliness, abandonment, and careless-ness didn’t happen overnight. These feelings of being unwanted, overlooked, and unloved started awhile back and has continued over a course of time. Am I justifying what he did? OF COURSE NOT, but I do believe that people do not take mental illness and the emotional effects of child abandonment serious.

#SupportTheQuiet was created to help  victims like Steve Stephen to have a voice and to feel wanted and loved. Our main focus also happens to be to fund and provide the necessary resources to cure chronic depression. No one should ever feel like they need to take their life or the lives of others to get the attention that they seek from their parents. Support The Quiet will shine the light on child abandonment and make a change!

“But there’s no joy at all, people say “Oh well he’s drunk and happy let him sleep it off”–The poor drunkard is *crying*–He’s crying for his mother and father and great brother and great friend, he’s crying for help. (p.111)”
Jack Kerouac, Big Sur